Axis 2130 PTZ and Zoneminder

Axis 2130 PTZ and Zoneminder


This camera is very dated, also using a proprietary power adapter, no WiFi and very difficult to setup. Once you are on my network you have full viewing access to my camera. My router fortunately has network isolation so I am able to block access to it except via my server that has zoneminder nvr software installed. Unfortunately you will not be able to control the ptz from Zoneminder directly due to the age of the camera. But you can however give it a fixed position in the web panel it has built in. I would recommend setting its default fixed position after a reboot or power loss.

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Speed Test internal WiFi

Many have heard the term speed test, the first thing that comes to mind is or google’s speed test tool. Many don’t know that speed on your internal network also affects you. When testing internet speed your device sends data to router then out to the internet, what if your router is the issue. Even worse, your device. I will show u a very handy utility I use to make sure everything in my house runs great. Its called iPerf.

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Genius WideCam 320 and Zoneminder

Genius 32200318100 WideCam 320 USB and Zoneminder


Although I have this particular camera, any basic USB webcam will work the same way. The setup for this one was very simple and its the most stable camera out of my whole setup. There however is no nightvision. I counter this by trigger the lights to turn on if motion sensor is tripped.

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How to get 400mbps for 3 years @ $44.99

This is the process I found while setting up a new service for my brother at his house. This will only work for new customers. The address has to have no existing connections for this to work.


Step 1: Intro call, During this call you will call and ask about pricing to see if you are willing to activate a new service. You will need to seem uninterested and are willing to go without internet. Don’t make it brief. Keep it going to get more info. Ask about promotional pricing for 400mbps plans. Continue reading . . .

Nightowl BNC and Zoneminder

Nightowl BNC


These are just about every cheap camera sold in store. You can buy these at home depot, walmart, and other retailers. Your best bet is craigslist you can get them for like $10 each. They use a basic analog signal you can hookup to a TV with the right connector. The main connector is called a BNC connector. The downside to these cameras is that they usually cap out at 720p. You will also need a PCI or usb device to hook it up to your server. Unless you already have these cameras laying around, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this setup for purchase. Its cheaper to get a 1080p camera on amazon for $20 with less wiring and no pci card.

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Switching to Linux

I have just about had it with Windows updates being forced on me. Graphics drivers breaking. My settings getting reset every time I get on and many other reasons I won’t begin to rant about. I chose to go with a decently common operating system for better compatibility.

I have gone through the install process and have installed Ubuntu 18.04LTS. For less advanced Linux users you can go with a simpler Linux like Solus which is a little more GUI friendly system.

You can modify ubuntu to your likings using a tool called “gnome tweaks” and you can disable animations to speed things up by using a tool called “dconf-editor”.

In dconf-editor, browse to org.gnome.desktop.interface and set enable-animations=false.

You can also run this command to disable animations:
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations false

You do not need to log out and back in, it should take effect immediately.

After getting all settled and having all my software carried over. I had a few pieces of software that was not compatible and I still needed. Most of my software was available in Ubuntu application store. Everything left is listed below:

Ubuntu Get right click new documents back. Here is a link to a couple of templates we made.

To get the Windows-only software running I installed Virtualbox and installed Windows 10 and started to hack away at all its imperfections to slim it down. This virtual machine won’t be used that often so its a compromise I’m willing to make. I can also set quick one click restore points just in case windows breaks. I have compiled a list for all to use:

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RSCM-13101B and Zoneminder

Rosewill SHIELDeye RSCM-13101B and Zoneminder


This camera is not listed as officially supporting ONVIF, but it does have it. It barely works so I had to do a workaround to add it in. This camera is a OEM camera, Rosewill just re-branded them. Other models that will most likely work the same way. RSCM-13702B RSCM-13702W RSCM-13101B RSCM-15702 RSCM-121001W

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BV Tech 4MP 2K H.265 IP67 and Zoneminder

Model: ca-ipbf-4mp-wifi-fba

This problem gave me a few issues I will go over briefly. This was fairly simple once I realized what I was doing wrong. I originally had it plugged in via an Ethernet cable to setup to WiFi like most cameras. But this camera actually just uses the microphone to transmit settings. Once I removed the Ethernet cable everything worked fine. I actually snipped off the Ethernet knowing I wouldn’t need it, saving space with the clunky cable.

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Secure Backups without the cloud

ioSafe SOLO G3 4TB USB 3.0

I accidentally stumbled upon this solution while trying to find cloud providers to backup my 2TB’s worth of NAS backups. With every single cloud solution being out of price range for the size data I needed I had to look elsewhere. I came across the ioSafe Solo G3 enclosure. It boasts about being safe in every way possible, Fire Proof, Water Proof, and Theft Proof. I almost considered it too good to be true, seemed legit enough after watching some YouTube videos.

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Wall mounted Google home free

I wanted to wall mount my google home mini for the kitchen since there is not really a nice place to set it down. I also didnt want to pay for a mount or 3d print anything.

You can use zip ties or bread bag ties to secure the cable in a loop like below.

After u have the 3 ties in place. Just plug it in and you should be set.

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