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3d printed wrist brace – WIP instructions

I won’t be able to finish my wrist brace project for a while. These instructions are very rough because they’re not actually finished. 

Post in comments if anything needs clarification.



  • Windows
  • Kinect (with power adapter)
  • beefy CPU or an NVidia GPU (with CUDA drivers)
  • Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0
  • Skanect software
  • an assistant
  • a small open area

Here’s the Skanect guide I watched:

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Phone case gamepad WIP

Here’s my primary project, a phone case gamepad. This has been on the backburner for a while and I’m finally going full steam on it. Major milestones will be posted here on the blog. For the week by week details follow my project. All project information will be open source and posted on Github.


I hate touchscreen controls

I want to play action/platformer games on my phone. The straw that broke the camel’s back was “Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?” – I couldn’t beat a boss because my fingers kept missing the intangible touchscreen controls. I want a gamepad that is compact to carry, comfortable to hold, and works with multiple phones.


Bluetooth module for prototyping

Current plan is an nrf51822 based gamepad in a 3d printed case. Users will be able to 3d print a case for their particular phone and drop in the electronics. When the user gets a new phone, a new case can be made and the electronics transferred.


Xperia Play, OpenPandora., HTC Dream (G1), DS Lite, PSP

3D printed wrist brace WIP

This is a custom 3D printed wrist brace that I’m working on. I wear wrist braces to sleep for RSI / carpal tunnel but they’re not ideal. The fabric construction is hot, sweaty, and not supportive around the knuckle area of the hand. The velcro is noisy, sticks to bedding and lint, and is wearing out over time. I want something rigid, breathable, and quiet.

3D printed cast I saw online

The design was inspired by this 3D printed cast I saw online. I scanned my arm with a Kinect using the Skanect program, then edited the model in Blender to make the brace. My plan a two-piece clamshell, probably held by o-rings or similar. I may add a hinge in the future.

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