Month: September 2018

Infinite, Free?, Small storage for electronics

Im a little dissapointed in myself for not thinking of it sooner. I tossed about 20 of these in the recycling bin before I realized I could reuse them myself.

Title is a little deceptive yes, but I still consider them free when you have a source. Baby formula containers!

When You can get yourself a source… well you have a source! They will feel endless and will just keep on comming. I have racked up quite a decent amount of them. I am able to use them for part storage, office supplies like rubber bands, resistors seperated in ziplocks and much much more.

To get started you first peel off the paper label.

Clean out the inside with a paper towel. Dont use water since these are made with cardboard.

Apply a label or sharpie, then stack them away.

You are probably wondering were to get these. Reach out to a pregnant friend or couple i’m sure they will bag them for you. The other method is do what I did…. Have a baby… jk haha. My wifes pregnancy was completly unrelated to this.

Backup home internet

With new most asus routers you can use a feature called dual wan. I have the luxury of having a work provided cell phone I am using for this. Before having that I had a free service called freedompop.

Use cases (mainly mine):

  • Watching netflix withouth interuptions.
  • Backup internet for home security system.
  • Anything internet…

To start off we plugin a cell phone to the routers usb port.

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