Beginner tutorials: Fusion 360 and Blender

We do a fair bit of 3d modeling in the Lab. I use Fusion 360 for CAD and Blender for freeform modeling. Here are the best beginner tutorials I found. Skip the junk, save the headache, these are the tutorials you’re looking for:


Why am I using both?

  • Fusion 360 is CAD focused. It’s best suited for exact measurement: functional objects, replacement parts, electronic cases, etc. It’s also much easier to change previous operations thanks to parametric modeling. I use it for majority of my modeling.
  • Blender is mesh focused. It can manipulate groups of vertices quickly and smoothly: pushing, pulling, twisting, extruding, etc. There’s even a sculpting mode that simulates clay. It’s much better suited for art and freeform shapes. I use it for my wrist brace which began with a 3d scan containing almost 3700 vertices.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 Tutorial for Absolute Beginners by [Lars Christensen]. The one thing he overlooked is the camera controls which use the middle mouse button.

If you want some more then watch Designing an Arduino Uno Enclosure with Fusion 360 from the Autodesk team. It’s a good followup to Lars – not as comprehensive, but concise and useful.



Blender Beginner Tutorial Series by [BlenderGuru]. I only needed the first 3 parts of the series before I was confident in editing the scans. If your goal is art then watch the entire series.

If you want some more then watch his followup tutorial, Blender Beginner Modeling Tutorial: